To mint the IndexToken you'll need:
  • You should've already created an index your environment on your chosen network.
  • Balance of all the components. The only case in which this tool can help you is with WETH, where you can use the node scripts/poc.js mintWeth <wethAddress> <amount>. wethAddress on mainnet should be 0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2. If you're using the components.example.mainnet.json then this should be enough.
  • A proper allowance in the components made to the basic issuance module. There's a function for that: node scripts/poc.js allowTokens <symbol> <amount>, which asks the index for its components and then does an allowance of <amount> automatically.
Note: The allowance is necessary in order for the BasicIssuanceModule to do a transferFrom from the user's address to the index, moving the balances of the components from the user's address to the index contract.
node scripts/poc.js getTokenInfo <symbol> lists the balances and allowances of all the components, so it should help you check this items.
With those conditions met, node scripts/poc.js mintSet <symbol> <amount> will mint the index.
If an allowance or balance is insufficient, the 'mint' transaction will fail with with a not-very-helpful ERC20 low level call failed, and you should use getTokenInfo to see which component(s) are the culprit as described in the previous document.
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