The scripts reads info from the following files
  • .env: A .env file which should include privKey and rpcUrl keys, which are self-explanatory. The network key should either be mainnet or kovan. Additionally you could set the gasPrice key if you don't want to use the default one by web3. There is a .env.example file which you can copy. It should be placed on the root of the cloned project.
  • sets.json: Stores the different index tokens created by using this tool. You should only modify this file if you want to create an index with a symbol already defined in the file, or want to manually add a compatible index token created somewhere else (Set v2 compliant). It should be placed on the root of the cloned project.
  • configs/constants.json: Currently only stores the gas amounts to use for different kinds of transactions. All of them are set to falsy values by default, indicating the scripts to do a gas estimation against the node. You can set the values manually (as strings, for example: trade: "5000000") if you ever run into an out of gas error or something else which can be worked around by a bigger gas value.
  • configs/protocol-contracts.json: Stores the addresses for the protocol's contracts on every network. You shoud typically leave this alone.
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